Know Where Your Friends are Sitting

By Kenna McHugh 

Ticketmaster unveiled interactive seat maps integrated with Facebook. So now, users can instantly share their live event plans by tagging themselves into their seats, enabling people on Facebook to see where they are sitting and which seats are available for purchase. More than 9,000 interactive seat maps are available through Ticketmaster.

“Ticketmaster is taking an important step toward making every stage of the live event experience as social online as it is in real life,” said David Fisch of Facebook. “Ticketmaster’s interactive seat map shows the promise of using social technologies to improve the event experience.”

Adding social connectivity into interactive seat maps sets the pace for Ticketmaster’s vision to integrate social media into every fan touch point, extending the fun and excitement of the live entertainment experience far beyond the walls of the venue.

Integrating Facebook into these interactive seat maps will create a community around each live event that will begin with the sale of the tickets and build through the live event. Fans have the ability to select who they want to share their plans with, so they can choose to share with everyone, with their friends or they can opt to not share – like a little private party of some sort up in the balcony.

The process of how this works is such a social media experience. When purchasing event tickets on either (or, users can use the interactive seat maps to see where their friends are sitting. They can then select available seats, complete the purchase and tag themselves. If the purchaser tags friends, notifications are then sent through Facebook so individuals tagged can choose to share. For users that have already purchased tickets, or purchased tickets elsewhere, they can also add themselves directly into the interactive seat map and share with their network of friends.

Anyone who has ever organized a group outing to a play, sports event or concert knows the effort it takes to get everyone together on the same page. The organizing is handled through Facebook with Ticketmaster’s interactive seating, so the process is so much easier.