Klout Finally Adds Support For Facebook Pages

By David Cohen 

Nearly two years to the date after adding support for Facebook users’ influence, online influence-measurement service Klout announced that it will now factor in Facebook pages.

Klout announced the addition in a post on its blog, saying that Klout users with scores of between 70 and 80 have pages with an average of 13,000 people talking about this, and adding that users’ most influential content from their pages will soon begin appearing in their Klout profiles.

Klout also offered a guide to the new feature at the end of its blog post:

How do I connect my Facebook page to Klout? Check out this step-by-step guide with screenshots in our help center.

How do I connect my brand’s Facebook page to my brand’s Klout profile? First, make sure that you are logged into your brand’s Klout account, not your own personal Klout account. Log out of Klout, sign in using your brand’s Twitter account, and then check in the upper-right-hand corner to make sure your brand’s icon is there. That’s how you can make sure you are logged into the right account. Once that’s all set, you can follow our step-by-step guide to adding your brand’s page.

How will adding a Facebook page impact my Klout Score? It depends. The mean score increase for a Klout user with a Facebook page is about seven points, all else held equal. Remember, other signals of influence from networks like Twitter and Google Plus are still affecting your Klout score and may offset score changes from your page.

Please note that we only support having one type of Facebook account connected per Klout account: either a personal Facebook account or a Facebook page. If you add a Facebook page, it will replace your personal Facebook profile in terms of Klout scoring. You may see a score drop if you replace an influential personal Facebook profile with a less influential Facebook page.

What signals of influence from Facebook pages are included in the Klout score? Some of the signals we’ll measure from Facebook pages include the number of fans and how many people are talking about your page. If you have connected your Facebook page to Klout, you can check your score summary on your dashboard to see some statistics.

Will Facebook page content be surfaced as moments on my Klout profile? Not yet, but soon. Right now, your page data is being incorporated into your Klout score and into your score summary. Your most influential page content will be surfaced on your Klout profile in the near future.

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