Kinvey Connects Mobile Apps To Facebook’s Open Graph

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook’s open graph technology is great for Web applications that want to better connect with users through the social network. But what about mobile apps? There’s still little support (unless an app developer has deep resources) for mobile apps that want to take advantage of open graph. This is a problem that back-end-as-a-service platform Kinvey aims to solve.

Kinvey annouced Monday that it launched support for mobile apps that want to utilize Facebook’s open graph technology. App developers can use Kinvey’s platform to easily publish open graph actions.

The company announced the newest offerings in a blog post:

With Kinvey’s solution, a native iOS or Android app built on Kinvey can easily publish to users’ timelines via open graph while using the same native back end on Kinvey for serving requests from the front end running on the mobile device. Kinvey will automatically create and serve the Web endpoints that are mandated by Facebook to publish into open graph.

If you are starting to build a new app, build it on Kinvey. If you already have a native app, bring it to Kinvey. In either case, we make it possible for your app to work instantly with Facebook open graph.

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