Kinomap Geolocated Videoplayer Now Integrated Into Facebook

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Kinomap offers a whole new perspective to video-sharing platform, offering synchronized video-map playback while integrating its geolocated videoplayer into Facebook. I just shared with my friends an Audi R8 driving through the Bay Area in Northern California by clicking on the famous “like” button in the video description. As a result, my thumbnail of the video displays on my Facebook wall, synchronizing the playback images and their location on a satellite map, very sporting.

You might ask how can this be done and will Facebook users be interested in the video-sharing platform. Well, Laurent Desmons, the founder of Kinomap thinks so, “The GPS function integrated into iPhones, Android smartphones, and some camcorders lets users enhance their videos by adding their location to a map, as well as data on the filming conditions. You can now make a video with Kinomap Maker, upload it and share videos with your friends – all with a device that fits in the palm of your hand. The only thing you need is an Internet connection!”

Friends on Facebook can view posted videos and follow along easily, just by clicking on the speed/altitude curve, the route on the map or the video time bar. The data is synchronized by the GPS sensor, which records the camera’s position every second and makes a note of the speed and altitude. Other sensors are available on the market to include other measurements, such as the pollution level, G force, radioactivity, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature, wind speed or heart rate, and Kinomap integrates them.

While watching the Audi R8 drive through the coastal towns of California, it gave me an idea to mark the geolocation for a future road trip of my own. I also check out other videos that included racing on a track and boating in Audierne Bay, France. For obvious reasons, the platform is not easy to use or understand for non-techie people. Once you are past the learning curve, it’s a fun ride for Facebook users.

“Facebook is the premier platform for sharing. With the explosion of smartphones equipped with cameras, video has naturally become a way to illustrate those moments of life we share with friends,” adds Desmons.

Designed to add a space and time dimension to users’ films, Kinomap Maker allows users to share special moments with friends and show not only what they did but also where they did it and under what conditions.

There are many applications, including:

– Filming sports activities
– Giving directions to a specific place
– Sharing a hiking itinerary
– Being a street journalist by filming an event that will be geolocated and dated: I was there and I can prove it!

All these ideas are very real and affirmative. I bet the platform could also be used as a device to share traveler’s geolocations on their way to meeting with their friends, setting coordinates for place and time. It would be ideal for family reunions, college alumni reunions and even a simple day hike where several vehicles are being used to get to the destination.