Launches Mahjong Saga on Facebook; Miner Speed for Android

By Azam Khan Comment

Cross-platform casual gaming company announced the launch of a few new games: Miner Speed for Android and Mahjong Saga for Facebook. More after the jump.

Mahjong on Facebook has garnered over 100,000 DAUs since its launch and Miner Speed has acquired an avg of 4.6 / 5.0 ratings with over 6,600 ratings executed. Mahjng Saga could become the most popular Mahjong game on Facebook offering over 100 levels to players.

Miner Speed,’s jewel-swapping title, has already been played heavily on Facebook with 1.7 MMAUs. Miner Speed is a bejeweled-blitz like game that offers the same replay with less polish but more fun powerups so it seems. Miner Speed is also available on and on iOS where its accumulated over 200 years of total playing time since launch less than 9 weeks ago.

Overall has 13 MMAUs on Facebook, with Bubble Saga being their dominant game with 6.7 MMAUs. Others offering casual titles on Facebook with competitive twists include SocialPoint, from Spain, which has roughly 17 MMAUs on Facebook, and the casual leader Wooga boasting 33 MMAUs.’s goal to create true cross platform competitive gaming is a difficult stride but they are in a great position to pursue it.

“With more than 500,000 Android devices currently being activated on a daily basis, the launch of Miner Speed for Android provides users even more access to experience our social games.  As the fastest growing and most widely used operating system – now owning 36 percent of the worldwide mobile marketplace – we are now able to connect to millions of potential new users,” said Riccardo Zacconi, CEO, “Entering the Android arena with Miner Speed is another testament to our team’s mission to give users the games they want, anywhere and anytime, on any device or platform.”

Miner Speed for Android is free and can be downloaded at: The free iOS version can be found at: