Kids Say Charlie Sheen Is Losing…And So Is Rebecca Black

By Megan O'Neill Comment

This month the Fine Brothers ‘Kids React’ is back with two hilarious new episodes—Kids React to Rebecca Black and Kids React to Charlie Sheen Interview, and these kids aren’t afraid to say exactly what they think about these viral celebrities.  Like most of us, these kids recognize almost immediately that Charlie Sheen isn’t really #Winning, and that Rebecca Black’s song ‘Friday’ is far from good.  And their comments about Black and Sheen are hilariously entertaining and adorable.

Kids React to Rebecca Black hit YouTube earlier this month, on April 10, and it already has over 1 million views, after being covered extensively on the web, from sites like the Huffington Post to CBS News.  With the exception of adorable little 6-year old Morgan, who loves the song, comparing it to Pig Supreme (a dessert with a pig on top), most of the kids recognized that, “Fridays are really fun, but I wouldn’t go out and write a song about it.”  The kids called ‘Friday’ everything from “lame,” “off” and “horrible beyond measure” to “entertaining because it was terrible.”  Check out the video below to find out what else these kids had to say about Rebecca Black and her song ‘Friday’, which now has over 113 million views.

Following their hit, Kids React to Rebecca Black, the Fine Brothers released Kids React To Charlie Sheen Interview earlier this week.  Benny and Rafi Fine asked the kids whether Charlie Sheen is winning or losing and the majority voted that he is definitely losing.  Some of the kids in the video exhibit some true wisdom.  8-year old Emma says Charlie Sheen is not being a good parent because “He’s going on drugs, that’s not what parents do”.  Check out the video below for more words of wisdom from the Kids React bunch, whose ages range from 5 to 14.

To find out more about the Kids React series, check out our interview with Benny and Rafi Fine, and scroll down to let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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