Kids React To YouTube Stars: Fred Is Awesome & MysteryGuitarMan Is…Blind?

By Megan O'Neill Comment

In their latest installment of ‘Kids React To Viral Videos’ the Fine Brothers have changed things up a bit. This time the kids are reacting to YouTube Stars. The Fine Brothers, Benny and Rafi, showed the kids clips from Fred, MysteryGuitarMan, The Annoying Orange and iJustine. Watch the video and check out their analysis of your favorite YouTubers below.

Benny and Rafi told me via email, “We’re switching it up in our 6th installment of our popular “Kids React” series, this time finding out what they think about some of YouTube’s biggest celebrities. The results are eye opening, and educational to see how they consume new media content and just how young the YouTube audience is.”

Were you surprised by the kids reactions? I think it’s no surprise that virtually all of the kids knew who Fred was and almost all of them are fans, watching his videos, as well as his movie, at home and talking about him with their friends. And I know Fred is insanely popular, but I’ve always wondered why. Now I know– it’s because he’s ridiculous, he acts like a complete moron, he says very irrelevant things, oh, and the squeaky voice is a good touch too. Now duh! Why didn’t I think of that?

And why is the Annoying Orange so good? “Because it’s talking fruit, people!” These kids are geniuses (seriously)! But my favorite part was definitely their analysis of MysteryGuitarMan, assuming that he wears sunglasses because he’s blind, or so kazoo haters won’t know who he is so they won’t try to bomb his house, and one girl’s guess that iJustine probably an eployee at a bank.

I asked Benny and Rafi whether ‘Kids React To YouTube Stars’ was going to be recurring. They told me, “We do plan to do more, but as more “specials” so not as frequent as the viral videos. We do not have specifics on who will be in the future but we’ve been in touch with several top channels who have expressed interest. Stay tuned!”

What did you think of the kids analysis of Fred, The Annoying Orange, MysteryGuitarMan and iJustine? Do you agree with their assessment? Which YouTube Stars would you like to see these kids react to next?