Kickstarter Adds Tags to Sort Campaigns

By Cameron Scott 

crowd funding, social networks, social mediaKickstarter has begun adding tags to help users sort through the 3,000-plus crowd-funding campaigns it hosts.

The tags are assigned by Kickstarter, and serve partly to highlight trends in the type of work for which users seek funding.

“Over time, we’ve noticed certain themes and trends running through the projects on Kickstarter — some for a week, some for years. Tags give us a new way to share these patterns with everyone,” the company said in a blog post.

The tags will add a layer of categorization to the verticals Kickstarter employs, such as Film and Video, Games and Technology.

Kickstarter launched the feature with the tags: Civic, Science, Zombies and Sundance. Kickstarter frequently touts its influence on independent film.

Tags aren’t tethered to a specific category. Instead they reflect a common philosophy (#Civic), shared subject matter (#Science), themes (#Zombies), accolades (#Sundance), and a bunch of other stuff too.

Users welcomed the tags (“#CATS NOW,” wrote Katherine Pan), but some were eager to be able to employ them themselves. (Update 1/29: #cats is now a tag.)

“That sounds like a great idea! I hope creators can add a certain number of tags themselves, maybe 5, and curators or the backers could add some more,” user Jana said.

The company said it would take suggestions for additional tags on Twitter, @Kickstarter.