Facebook Adds Keyword Search To App Center, Announces Updates To App Dashboard

By David Cohen 

Facebook announced several updates to its app dashboard on the developer side, as well as the rollout of keyword search in its app center.

The app dashboard now supports transparent icons, offers promotion of applications via sponsored results, and made it easier for developers to enter their company information.

Here are more details from a post on Facebook’s developer blog:

We’re beginning to roll out keyword search in the app center. All listed app detail pages will be included in our search index, and no changes are necessary for developers.

Based on requests from developers, we now support alpha transparency for icons uploaded in PNG format. To take advantage of this feature, please upload new icons in the app details area of the app dashboard.

You can now promote your app in Facebook search through the app dashboard. Canvas app developers will now see a promote tab and can create an ad by going to the search results section and following the four steps to create a sponsored result. For greater targeting functionality, you can continue to create sponsored results through power editor and the API.

We’ve updated the app dashboard to make it a lot easier to enter your company information, which is used to pay out your app’s earnings. In five simple steps, new apps can enter all data required to set up their financial entity. The data you submit and how we communicate with your IT systems remains the same, so existing apps don’t have to make any changes. This update will roll out over the next few weeks. Check out the revised documentation for more details.