Kenshoo Social, Shoutlet Tout Results From Zappos Test Facebook Marketing Campaign

By David Cohen 

Online retailer Zappos ran a two-month test of an integrated Facebook marketing campaign with social marketing suite Kenshoo Social and cloud-based social marketing platform Shoutlet, and it resulted in some 85,000 visits to the Zappos website from a single Facebook page, as well as metrics that compared favorably with those achieved via other paid search and social marketing campaigns.

Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet reported the following results from the campaign:

  • An average conversion rate of 1.75 percent, with some posts topping 10 percent.
  • 42 percent of posts by Zappos resulted in sales and revenue.
  • Facebook desktop and mobile news feed page post ads generated five times more revenue and “significant” return on investment.
  • One particular post achieved a unique click-through rate of 3.5 percent, a conversion rate of 3.4 percent, $4.90 in revenue per click, and an ROI of 34 times.

Zappos Social Scientist Graham Kahr said:

The conversion attribution solution from Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet allowed the Zappos team to create and amplify synergies between our paid and owned social media strategies. Through integrated reporting, we gained a holistic view of our customer throughout the path to purchase, which has enabled us to better understand the impact of our investments.

Kenshoo Social General Manager Sivan Metzger added:

Utilizing attribution solutions that better reflect a company’s bottom-line goals and seamlessly align social content and paid media teams around a common objective can be a true game-changer. Zappos has proven that our innovative approach to social media measurement and optimization delivers powerful results from Facebook marketing.