Ex-Facebook Employees Katherine Losse, Brandee Barker Exchange Pleasantries

By David Cohen 

A war of words broke out between Katherine Losse, an early Facebook employee and author of The Boy Kings, and former Facebook Head of Public Relations Brandee Barker.

According to Forbes, Losse has not exactly been complimentary toward the company she left in 2010, complaining about rampant sexism in the early days of Facebook in her book, and repeating those sentiments in an unfavorable review on the Dissent blog of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, the new book by Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Losse said in her review of Lean In:

The faster my career accelerated at Facebook, the more my financial returns diminished, until my workload was being elevated but not my salary or equity. It teaches women more about how to serve their companies than it teaches companies about how to be fairer places for women to work.

Losse also accused Sandberg of writing “an updated Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism,” rather than “a new Feminine Mystique.”

According to Barker’s Twitter biography, she is helping with PR for Lean In, Forbes reported.

Forbes reported that Barker sent Losse a Facebook message saying, “There’s a special place in hell for you,” which Losse promptly shared on her Facebook page and tweeted about.

Losse posted a screen capture of Barker’s message and wrote:

Ex-Facebook PR tells me I’m going to hell, LOLOLOL. Since this is Silicon Valley instead of Salem, Massachusetts witch-hunt era, I think the right words should be “I’m sending you to a special place in the server farm where the racks are overheating and bringing the site down all the time!” Would be more meaningful.

And Losse’s tweet read:

Maybe sending Hellfire and Damnation messages is part of the Lean Inn PR strategy. LEAN IN OR ELSE YOU’RE GOING TO HELL.

Readers: We don’t foresee Katherine Losse and Brandee Barker meeting for coffee anytime soon. What do you think?

Facebook and Twitter screen captures courtesy of Forbes. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.