Kaboodle Together Allows Facebook Friends To Shop With Each Other — Online

By David Cohen 

Shopping is more fun as a social activity, and social shopping company Kaboodle believes this should be true online, as well, so it launched interactive group experience Kaboodle Together.

Kaboodle Together allows friends to hook up via Facebook, Twitter, or email and browse Hearst Digital Network-owned Kaboodle simultaneously, without the need for downloads, plugins, or installs. It uses site-embed technology from Samesurf.

The platform features audio and video chat, cursor tracking, screen drawing, private rooms, and multiplatform capability, and it is viewable via desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Group leaders can take the group from page to page, with everyone seeing the same content, or cede control to other group members.

Kaboodle Co-CEO Alex Amin said:

We are really excited about this new technology. Our users love sharing their personal style boards, lists, and latest style finds with each other, and now they can share it all in real-time with Kaboodle Together. It’s truly the next step in the evolution of social shopping.

Co-CEO Rafi Gordon added:

It’s a great resource for people to communicate and share without actually being physically next to each other. Shopping is naturally a very inclusive process, and with Kaboodle Together, we are allowing people to do just that — shop together as they do in the real world.

Readers: Would you like to gather up some friends and Kaboodle Together?