Study: Opt-In Ad Videos Still Drive Viewers To Facebook Pages, But Fewer Than Last Year

By David Cohen 

How well do opt-in advertising videos work on Facebook? Video ad platform Jun Group analyzed some 7.7 million user-initiated video ad views from campaigns from Fortune 500 brands that ran between May and August, finding that while those videos still mostly drive viewers to brands’ Facebook pages, the rate of that activity is slipping.

Among the findings from Jun Group:

  • Visiting brands’ Facebook pages remains the most popular activity for viewers after watching opt-in advertising videos, but it is down 9 percent compared with last year.
  • Using pre-screening questions to determine users’ interests makes them 13 percent more likely to engage in post-viewing activity.
  • The difference in engagement rates between repurposed TV commercials and ads specifically created for the Web was negligible.
  • Length wasn’t as much of a factor as previously thought, with 70 percent of views coming from videos that were longer than one minute, and 87 percent of views completed for ads longer than two minutes.
  • Generation Y, or those aged 18 through 34, were the least likely to take action after viewing videos.

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut said:

Opt-in video has long been associated with viral campaigns and flashy content, but this year’s data speak to the fact that with the right approach, it can be used to drive real, tangible results. Our hope is that by sharing this research, we’re helping to educate advertisers and their agencies about the benefits of opt-in video and the best ways to derive tangible value from online video ad dollars.

Readers: Did any of the findings by Jun Group surprise you?