Three Facebook Tips For College Graduates

By David Cohen 

It’s that time of year again, when college graduates accept their diplomas and join the real world, which, for most, entails searching for a job. Dan Finnigan, chief executive officer of Facebook and social recruitment platform Jobvite, has some tips for the class of 2012, and for job seekers in general.

Finnigan said:

The realm of Facebook takes a whole new meaning once you leave college and hit the “real” professional world. Today’s grads have plenty to learn about how to conduct oneself over social media — and more important, how to use it to find a job, make professional connections, and build meaningful profiles for business. Just like investing early in a retirement fund can have big returns later, investing now in savvy social networking can be a big boost to careers long-term.

Finnigan’s tips are:

  • Connect online before graduation: You never know where your classmates will end up, and it’s much less awkward to ask for a referral if you’re already connected socially. Recent data from Jobvite reveal that employee referral programs are the leading source of candidate hires, so these connections to old college classmates will be very valuable to you down the road. (Hint: Alumni network groups are also a great resource.)
  • Update your profiles now: Jobvite data also note that 48.6 percent of recruiters and hiring managers always search for candidates’ social profiles. This means that nearly one-half of the time you go in for a job interview, they’ve already seen your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Make sure your privacy settings are in place and what you show the world is professional (beer pong pictures are for close friends only).
  • Use social networking to your advantage: The companies you want to work for are monitoring their social media presence carefully. Like, tweet, and pin their stuff as a way to set yourself apart from other candidates. Go ahead and engage with dream employers now — connect with their HR person on LinkedIn, post a question via Twitter, and get to know them on social networks. Those conversations can pay off, especially as many companies post job openings on social media first, so you can get an application in early.

Readers: Anything to add?

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