Jobvite Refer, Jobvite Engage Take Social Recruiting To Next Level

By David Cohen 

Social recruiting platform Jobvite took its offerings to the next level with Thursday’s releases of candidate-referral application Jobvite Refer and candidate-relationship-management solution Jobvite Engage, both of which continue the Jobvite tradition of extensive integration with Facebook.

The Jobvite Refer app allows recruiters and employees to track recommendations of candidates that they determine to be high quality, and it incorporates existing employees into the process, increasing the chances of matching the right job openings with the right potential candidates in their networks.

Integration with and automated publishing to Facebook, as well as LinkedIn and Twitter, ease the process for both employees and recruiters, and Jobvite said Jobvite Refer is compatible with all major existing applicant-tracking systems.

Jobvite said its research indicated that employees hired via referrals move through the process 55 percent quicker than those who arrive via career websites, at 29 days from application to hire, versus 45, and they also remain with their new companies longer and cost less to recruit.

Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan told AllFacebook:

Recruiting is more like marketing than it is like all of the other functions of human resources. Jobvite Refer is designed for every employee in the company to use. Every Jobvite is a unique, trackable, shareable piece of information.

And Finnigan said in a press release:

Year after year, our research shows how social networks are becoming the primary avenue for talented professionals to find their next jobs. By tapping in to employees’ existing social networks, businesses of all sizes will be able to leverage the power of social media by efficiently engaging their employee base with a fast and easy to use product like Jobvite Refer.

As for Jobvite Engage, Finnigan told AllFacebook the platform was “completely reimagined and redesigned,” with the aim of enabling recruiters to build talent pools and subpools, focusing on potential candidates’ skill sets, and helping companies build their brands and share more information with candidates. The intuitive user interface is also touch-screen-friendly, for use on mobile phones and tablets.

Jobvite Engage allows recruiters to tap into and collection information on candidates from all over the Internet including their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, as well as blogs and personal websites and create talent profiles that can be referred to time and again, with data stored in the same format, and updated in real-time, saving recruiters the trouble of having to re-examine online profiles of candidates who strike their interest.

This process results in the ability to maintain up-to-date talent pools, greatly increasing the chances of finding high-quality candidates who fit open positions.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Jobvite Engage is its publishing tool, which allows recruiters to seamlessly incorporate all of the data they have collected in talent profiles and tie that information in with communications campaigns including recruiting pages companies can set up via Jobvite, as well as pages dedicated to events, such as job fairs, or groups, such as students focused on a particular career path.

The publishing tool allows messages to be customized for different social networks, with Finnigan pointing out that recruiters might want to adopt a more professional tone for LinkedIn, while a more casual one might be more appropriate for Facebook.

Finnigan added in a press release:

Our research continues to show that the most sought-after, highly skilled workers across industries such as healthcare, technology, and energy tend to stay passive in their job search. By offering tools that allow recruiters to easily maintain and mine data around candidates’ skill sets, Jobvite Engage will empower a company to build the best teams and recruit cream-of-the crop talent faster and at a lower cost.