Facebook News Feed Product Manager Jeff Kanter Discusses Mobile Advertising Plans

By David Cohen 

Facebook News Feed Product Manager Jeff Kanter spoke with Brittany Darwell of sister blog Inside Facebook about the social network’s measured approach to mobile advertising.

Kanter told Darwell:

A lot of people will talk about the holy grail of advertising, where you’re walking down the street and your phone is buzzing with alerts about deals around you, and a movie’s playing nearby. I think it’s an awesome vision, and the world will get there, but at this point in time, mobile advertising is working really well because it’s where people are spending their time, and it can achieve the same brand objectives that advertisers are trying to do elsewhere.

I look forward to that world when mobile advertising is that integrated in a really targeted and relevant way. I think there are a lot of companies out there that are doing it, and all of these companies, including us, will move in that direction, but in terms of where we are right now, we think of (mobile advertising) a lot of ways the same as digital on the Web, but on a smaller screen.

We’re really focused on getting the basic stuff that people are already doing and making them eligible for News Feed in a way that is not disruptive. We’re always exploring new things that we can do, but me personally and the teams that I work with have just been really focused on getting the basics right.

We’re going to continue to make improvements to the actual units themselves by objective both on mobile and on desktop. We’re just getting started with some of the stuff like larger link shares on desktop. There are a lot of things we think are quick wins that we can do on mobile, too.

We’ll work with our ads product marketing team to understand what the biggest opportunity is, what clients are asking for the most, and prioritize, but I think we have a lot of basic stuff that we can do really well and get right that will have a meaningful effect on performance.

For much more, please see Darwell’s post on Inside Facebook.

Readers: Where would you like to see Facebook make progress in terms of mobile advertising?