Jeff Jarvis Wants Your Company To Succeed in the Internet Age

By Chris Ariens Comment

WWGD_1.5.jpgNow we know what BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis has been up to lately. His new book, What Would Google Do? hits store shelves later this month. Jarvis explains in this blog post on BuzzMachine:

I try to reverse-engineer the success of the fastest growing company in the history of the world, the one company that truly understands how to succeed in the internet age, and then take those lessons and apply them to a number of industries, companies, and institutions, from carmakers to restaurants to universities to government.

And the reviews are starting to come in…

Michelle Archer, USA Today:

There’s something for everyone in What Would Google Do? For newbies still struggling to comprehend the Internet, Jarvis puts it in context. For floundering industries, Jarvis suggests reforms via Google’s philosophy or strategies employed by entities such as Facebook and And for people and groups hoping to launch the next big Google, Jarvis takes a page from Craigslist’s Craig Newmark: Make something useful, help people use it and then get out of the way.