REPORT: 2Q Rebound For Facebook In Social Logins

By David Cohen 

Janrain2QLoginPreferences650Facebook reversed a trend of six consecutive quarters of declining market share in social logins, posting a 1.5 percent gain in the second quarter of 2014, according to customer-profile-management technology provider Janrain.

Janrain reported that Google is the only competitor that is even close to Facebook, adding that during the second quarter, Facebook overtook Google and LinkedIn on B2B sites, after having lost its top position in that sector during the first quarter of 2014.

Yahoo’s efforts to force its login on users of its services do not appear to be working, as Twitter surged past it to claim third place.

Janrain said of Facebook in its blog post:

Facebook reversed a streak in which it lost market share in six straight quarters, increasing its share of social logins by 1.5 percent. The increase was especially pronounced on media, retail, and B2B websites, each of which saw a 2 percent increase in Facebook’s share.

Facebook’s growth primarily came at the expense of Yahoo, which saw its share drop by 3 percent. For the first time since the third quarter of 2012, Twitter surpassed Yahoo as the third-most-popular choice. Just last quarter, Yahoo recorded its largest single-quarter increase in four years on the heels of revenue gains and new identified revenue streams. It will be interesting to see if Yahoo can recover its first-quarter momentum.

Facebook overtook Google and LinkedIn as the most popular choice on B2B sites, with Facebook extending its lead on media and retail sites. We also observed a decrease in popularity for Google on retail sites. We expect this landscape to evolve as momentum builds for innovations such as Google Wallet Instant Buy and Autofill with Facebook, both of which encourage the use of social login during checkout.

Readers: Did any of Janrain’s findings surprise you?