James Patterson Writes Facebook Game After Book Character

By Jorge Cino Comment

According to the best-selling author, To Catch A Killer is the first author-created, crime-solving Facebook game. Most importantly, it’s free to play. “It definitely raises the bar in this area,” he says.

In James Patterson: To Catch A Killer, you become detective Alex Cross’ partner as you go to different crime scenes, pick up clues, question witnesses, collect evidence, and solve crimes.

The game currently offers about 11 different scenarios, but Patterson says that he’s already come up with about 40 ideas. The aim is to keep growing the number of mysteries and even connecting certain crimes to each other in order to raise user engagement.

Most importantly, as with any social game, you get to bring in friends to each mystery and solve crimes together, all under the guidance of Alex Cross. Detective Cross is one of Patterson’s most popular fiction characters, appearing in over ten of his novels—most notoriously, Kiss The Girls, which was made into a Hollywood film with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd in 1997.

Here is the official trailer for the free game:

James Patterson is a best-selling author first and foremost, which means that he recognizea a business opportunity when he sees one. So when the opportunity came to have Sony Online design a detective social game for Facebook based on his popular Alex Cross character, he promptly took it.

In an interview with USA Today, Patterson talks about the new game and defends the marriage of literature and social games. Regarding the difference between writing a novel and writing this social game, he says:

You are the detective in Catch A Killer and I think that’s kind of neat. And we will keep growing the game as time goes by. It’s a living piece, which I think is also kind of cool. You write a novel and at a certain point it goes off to the publisher. This thing, you just keep improving it and improving it. And I love that.

With almost 900,000 Facebook fans, Patterson has a very active Facebook presence, constantly updating his profile with new links, questions about his books, and movie trailers for his new releases. You can play the game here.