Seinfeld Lawyer Jackie Chiles Makes A Comeback On The Web

By Megan O'Neill Comment

You last saw attorney Jackie Chiles in the series finale of Seinfeld, failing to get Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine off the hook for violating the ‘Good Samaritan Law’ and landing the neurotic group of friends in jail. Now, Jackie’s back and he’s madder, badder and more outrageous than ever in a new original web series on Funny or Die called ‘Jackie Chiles’.

Who knows what Jackie Chiles, the fictitious attorney that seems to have a lot in common with OJ Simpson’s lawyer Johnnie Cochran (the initials, the glasses and the ‘stache, just to name a few similarities), has been doing since Seinfeld went off the air? It’s a bit of a mystery. But it seems he’s made his way from New York to Los Angeles, which he loves for all the right reasons, from bikinis and beaches to a pay raise.

According to Tubefilter News, ‘Jackie Chiles’ is set to be a five-episode series. Two episodes have been released so far. In the first, Jackie makes his triumphant return asking fans, “Did you miss me?” In the second, he talks about how he knows Barack Obama (aka ‘B-Money’). “Barry Obam” used to work for Jackie Chiles back in the day as a paralegal.

I am really excited about this series, and wonder if we’ll see any other old Seinfeld cameos making appearances in the world of web video. How about a Soup Nazi web series, or a viral video of Papi peeing on the sofa? Would you rather watch a web series about Mr. Pitt or Crazy Joe DiVola?

Check out the first two episodes below and let us know what you think. And if you need some legal counsel, why not give Jackie Chiles a call? “Hate your husband? Take his baseball team! Celebrity rehab didn’t take? We’ll take them to the cleaners! Somebody key your Lexus? You probably had it coming.”