Jackass Web Series Will Kick Online Video In The Nuts In March 2011

By Megan O'Neill Comment

If your idea of fun is watching a bunch of guys get punched in the face, kicked in the nuts, electrocuted, tattooed with embarrassing pictures, pierced in uncomfortable places and generally maimed and humiliated then you’ll be happy to learn that Jackass 3.5 is coming to the web in March 2011. That’s right – it’s not Jackass the TV show or Jackass the Movie, it’s Jackass the Web Series!

Pretty awesome, eh? In a few short months you will be able to sit and watch Johnny Knoxville and friends from the comfort of your own home as they try to outdo themselves with stunts and pranks far more uncomfortable than those in the television show, Jackass The Movie, Jackass Number Two, and Jackass 3D combined!

Marc Hustvedt announced Jackass 3.5 yesterday on Tubefilter News. Hustvedt wrote that, “Paramount is releasing an online-online Jackass 3.5 in March 2011 with all new stunts and pranks that will be released online weekly and then packaged together as a feature length film. That makes this what we like to call a “companion” web series, with its original concept launched in another medium. But a web series it will be nonetheless.”

According to Tubefilter, Thomas Lesinski, the President of Paramount Digital Entertainment, said, “I don’t want to say that the Jackass guys invented the Internet, but they were doing viral videos before most people had even heard the term. That distinguished heritage makes Jackass the perfect franchise for digital.”

Lesinski is absolutely right. Jackass really is the epitome of FAIL videos, one of the most popular categories of viral video on the web. Though it’s still a mystery to me about exactly why people love FAIL videos so much, there is no denying that online video viewers love a swift kick to the groin, and with Jackass coming to the web these viewers will be getting exactly what they want and more.

And now I’ll leave you with a YouTube clip of ‘The Best of Jackass’ to get you revved up for Jackass 3.5. Enjoy!