Iubenda Brings Legalese Help To Facebook App Developers

By Justin Lafferty 

As Facebook gets tougher on application developers, making them detail how they collect information, Italy-based Iubenda — a company that provides privacy policies for websites — will offer its services to those that produce Facebook apps, starting Tuesday.

Iubenda Founder Andrea Giannangelo announced the move to AllFacebook. Iubenda was formed to help Web developers that couldn’t afford lawyers’ fees obtain privacy policies. The company started generating privacy policies for websites, but Tuesday, it will take the next step and offer this service to Facebook app developers for free (with premium options at $27 per year per website, per language). Giannangelo wrote in an email to AllFacebook that later this year, Iubenda will develop another product for mobile apps, and in September, the company will launch a terms and conditions generator.

Giannangelo explains:

Hiring a lawyer means spending at least $1,000, while doing it by yourself takes time and is not safe. So we developed this product that started by generating privacy policies for websites … The privacy policy generator for Facebook apps … helps developers to fulfill a requirement for their apps, since the privacy policy is mandatory, and Facebook is even sending out email reminders.

Giannangelo pointed to a June post on the Facebook developer blog, which states that there will be penalties for apps that do not have privacy policies. He’s hoping that Iubenda can bridge the gap, taking care of legalese for app developers. The privacy polices generated by Iubenda are backed by the company’s legal team.

Iubenda has generated roughly 24,000 privacy policies for about 6,000 websites all over the world.

Readers: If you’re an app developer, how are you handling the need for a privacy policy?

Images courtesy of Iubenda.