Italians React To ‘Hate With Friends’ on Twitter

By Christie Barakat 

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The new site, “Hate With Friends,” a familiar take on “Bang With Friends” (now called “Down”), lets you to “find out if you and a Facebook friend mutually hate each other.”

Simply connect via your Facebook account, and click on the friends you hate as they pop up on your screen. If one of them detests you, too, you are alerted in kind (pun intended).

The site’s creator, Chris Baker, who also created (now “Rather”), which allows you to filter out unwanted content like baby photos from your feed and replace them with, for instance, cats, tells ABC News, “It’s meant to be some fun and social commentary on the current status of Facebook.”

The Week’s, Chris Gayomali, calls “Hate With Friends” a “passive aggressive novelty.”

Italians are skilled passive-aggressors but, paradoxically (like most things Italian), they are also known for being direct, seen here in their dignified European reference to the site on Twitter, “#Odiocordiale” (cordial hatred), and their humorous commentary on it.

hate with friends “There’s nothing saner than a good dose of #cordialhatred to render social more real than ever.”

hate with friends“I like your Facebook photos! But do me the kindness of not posting them during mealtimes?”

twitter“For those who: ‘I like what you write’ and then in private: ‘send me a photo of yourself in lingerie?'”

hate with friends“I’m still in favor of hate 1.0″

hate with friends

“What app! I’m an old-fashioned type: To show someone I hate them I use my second account.”

hate with friends“I don’t see the usefulness of an app like Hate With Friends: F**k off costs less and it’s more therapeutic.”

And there you have it, with love (and hate) from the Bel Paese.

*image credit: by  hang_in_there