Facebook’s David Fisch Talks Mobile At Inside Social Apps Conference

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook is increasingly becoming a mobile company, as evidenced by the fact that roughly 600 million people access the social network via their phones. David Fisch, Facebook’s director of platform partnerships, spoke with Inside Network Managing Editor AJ Glasser at Mediabistro’s Inside Social Apps conference in New York about the future for the company on mobile and why organic reach has decreased.

Fisch talked about how Facebook is handling the transition to mobile, as well as how the site’s algorithm changes to show users different stories if they access the site on their phones:

News feed is very sophisticated. We try to unify all channels and do some of that. For recommending specific applications, the onus is on the developer to give us the information that they have an application on smartphone and tablet, although we’re getting better at recognizing that ourselves.

Fisch also discussed how recommendations come into play, as users constantly see apps and pages that they should connect with. It’s not a random process at all, with highly rated apps their friends use being one of the key factors.

Fisch addressed a question from the audience, asking about how organic reach on mobile has fallen:

There were some news and video apps that were getting a lot of distribution, and that has scaled back now. We’re really focused on working with partners to share richer stories about the content they consume. That means maybe fewer stories, but more engaging ones. For some applications, there might be a short-term decrease in reach of stories, but over time, that can come back and exceed where they were if they help users share better, more engaging stories.

Other key points:

  • Facebook is continually working to get the experience on Android on par with the experience for iOS users.
  • There were no data yet to share on how users on Android vs. iOS are responding to mobile app ads, but Fisch noted, “A lot of marketing dollars are being spent on iOS, and mostly from gaming developers.”
  • Location will start to play a bigger part in the ads you see through mobile apps.

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