Is the New York Times Tumblr Actual Journalism?

By Kenna McHugh Comment

The headlines say that The New York Times is now on Tumblr, but truthfully it is not the New York Times on the popular social networking platform. It’s T Magazine, a subsidy online magazine of the NY Times. Which bears an interesting point: What is so special about T Magazine other than its association with the New York Times? Why say New York Times is on Tumblr when in fact it’s T Magazine.

I guess, Tumblr fans can calm down and realize New York Times’ associate magazine has joined Tumblr, covering the latest style and culture. I don’t think Tumblr is a journalistic platform. It’s perfect for blogging on the arts and being tightly-knit with the community, or introducing new songs from The Beastie Boys.

However, The Washington Post has the honors of exploring the issue of journalism on Tumblr. Last month, the online newspaper inconspicuously implemented Tumblr into @innovations, which appears more newsworthy than T Magazine. An interesting point to follow is the site retains The Washington’s Post masthead, navigation bar and banner advertisement. So, what is so Tumblr about that?

The only reason I bring up @innovations is because it appears to be more of a news site than a magazine site compared to T Magazine. Still, I am sure the readers may find these two online magazines worth visiting because the content is very viral and posts have a much better chance to go viral. Plus, Tumblr users prefer more visual, creative and cultural content. Those are good reasons for newspapers to subsidize sites like T Magazine and @innovations in hopes of drawing new readers to their original news sites.