Almost Half of iPhone Users Are Using YouTube’s App

By Megan O'Neill 

See update below [January 24, 11 AM]

When news that Apple’s iOS6 would be shipping without the built-in YouTube app hit the presses iPhone users everywhere were thrown into a panic…that is, until YouTube launched their own dedicated app on iPhone and iPod Touch in September.  Months later, YouTube topped Apple’s 2012 top free iPhone apps chart and now mobile data company Onavo reports that the app has been installed on nearly half of all iPhone users are active on YouTube.

According to the Onavo report, “The month of its September 2012 release, YouTube reached a 20% market share.  As of December, its market share was 44.5%.”  The below chart illustrates the rapid growth of Google’s YouTube iPhone app.

The fact that YouTube clocked in as the top free iPhone app of 2012 after being in the app store for less than four months drives home the point that the app is the most popular of Google’s iPhone offerings.  However, as basis for comparison, Onavo has also broken down the market share for Google’s other iOS applications:

Google Search is on 16% of iPhones

Gmail is on 9.8% of iPhones

Chrome is on 9.5% of iPhones

Translate is on 4.8% of iPhones

Google Drive is on 3.6% of iPhones

Earth is on 2.7% of iPhones

How many of these apps have you installed on your iPhone?  Are you surprised that so many users have downloaded the YouTube app since the September launch?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: We previously reported that half of all iPhone users had “installed” the iPhone app.  Ze’ev Rosenstein from Onavo has pointed out that the report refers to iPhone users that were “active” on YouTube in December 2012. 

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