iPhone case inspired by Attack on Titan film is dangerously deceptive


By Phi Tran Comment


Last season’s anime film, Attack on Titan, is inspiring more than just moviegoers. A phone accessory company has taken the movie’s giant-killing sword and turned it into a realistic looking iPhone case. Of course it looks like a real weapon.

From Strapya World, the $38 dollar iPhone 5sc/5S case is on pre-order, but it’s best not used in public. The case’s “trigger” is used to access the camera, so if you take out your phone and take a selfie or photo, someone is likely to think you are about to use a weapon because it is made to look like a weapon capable of killing giants.The manufacturer was pretty clear on not including a slot for a blade, but that’s not where the danger lies – just try using your phone camera in front of authorities with this case.


If you’re looking for a real sword┬áto swath a giant, why not watch this video of a real working replica made by a Japanese student with metal skill?