iPhone Alarm Anger Erupts on Twitter


By Katie Kindelan Comment

iPhone users had one more excuse to be late for work the first day of 2011 thanks to the ongoing glitch in the alarms on Apple’s iconic mobile phones. While a few extra hours of sleep may seem like a belated Christmas gift from the company, most users did not agree.

And where do frustrated, well-rested techies go to gripe? Twitter, of course. Thousands took to the site on New Year’s Day, when the glitch was first revealed, to complain about missed meetings, breakfasts and church. And the outcry continued as the malfunction spread into day three, with no fix in sight, making #iPhonealarm an increasingly hot trending topic.

Steve Jobs may have tried to help out…

And some users managed to find the good in the situation…

But, mostly, users were just mad, or just plain funny. Here are our top 5 finds to remind you, and your boss, you weren’t the only one…