Facebook Simplifies XCode Configuration, Adds App Events To IOS SDK

By David Cohen 

Facebook released a new software-development kit for iOS, version 3.6, the social network announced in a post on its developer blog.

The social network said it simplified its Xcode configuration so that users can add the Facebook SDK framework and set-up their plist files, and they will then be ready to begin building applications.

The other major addition to the SDK is app events, which Facebook described in its blog post:

With our latest SDK, we are launching in beta the ability to publish and measure app events for your iOS apps. Previous versions of the SDK allowed developers and advertisers to measure installs driven from our mobile app install ads product.

With app events, you can now also measure the aggregate number of times a predefined action was taken within your app, such as “add to cart” in a commerce app, “level achieved” in a game, or other custom events that help you understand the engagement and return on investment coming from your mobile ads on Facebook.

This feature is currently in beta, and in the next several months, we will be working on improving our optimization and insights, and developing new features that will further leverage app events.

iOS developers: Have you downloaded version 3.6 of the SDK yet?