Plays Defense with ‘Myths and Facts’ Post

By David Cohen Comment


The initiative spearheaded by Facebook has been under fire of late, particularly in India, and it sought to clear up some misconceptions with a Myths and Facts post. was formed in August 2013 by Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung with the aim of connecting the significant percentage of the global population that was still lacking Internet access.

Points stressed by in its post included:

  • is non-exclusive and open to any operator that wants to participate.
  • There are no ads within the Facebook experience on If revenue were the goal, Facebook would have focused resources on markets where online advertising is already thriving.
  • Facebook supports net neutrality and has worked throughout the world to ensure that services can’t be blocked or throttled and to ensure that fast lanes are prohibited.
  • doesn’t share user-level navigation information with any of its partners, and there is no requirement for partners to send any of its user information.
  • No company pays Facebook to be included in
  • It will begin supporting SSL/TLS encryption in the Android application in the coming weeks, and it is also investigating how it could provide the same security for Web-based access to

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