Facebook Messages Overhaul Reaches Phase Two?

By David Cohen 

Facebook announced in August that it was overhauling its messages feature, and, according to a post on the Facebook page of digital marketing agency Interactive Swim, that overhaul appears to have kicked into high gear.

Interactive Swim wrote:

A new Facebook messaging platform is on the way! Not fully rolled out, we’re special and part of the early release, so here are some details for you. It allows you message anyone in your life (not just FB users) add multiple pictures and emoticons to your messages, and search specific keywords to find recent convos. Look for it to head your way soon.

Indeed, the screen shot posted by Interactive Swim contains all of the features mentioned in the caption, but there was no word on when this new interface would begin rolling out.

Readers: Would some of these new features spur you to use Facebook messages more often?