Interactive Quiz: Identify Our Favorite Social Sites by Their Color Schemes

By Phi Tran 

Let’s talk about color. If you were on the internet during the week of June 13, 2013, you probably heard a small uproar from designers in the wake of Apple’s iOS 7 design – not because the technology giant redesigned its visually outdated mobile operating system, but because the redesign used an atrocious chromatic gradient. It looked like iOS got into a design battle with a rainbow. The rainbow won.

To emphasize how terrible the color theme works as a design concept, just look at some re-branding examples from this parody Tumblr, Jony Ive Redesigns Things. Warning: the following images are an eyesore.


I bet you didn’t realize how many shades of blue were being used! Facebook Blue, Twitter Blue, Tumblr Blues… you can be sure each shade was specifically selected to be noticeably different than the other blue brands, but can you spot the difference?

To test your color knowledge, I’m sharing this quiz I’ve created. Let’s see how well you can match each color set to their corresponding brand!

Well? How did you do?

To be honest, I had a hard time recalling which brand went with which palette when I made the quiz so don’t feel so bad if you didn’t get anything right. The point is, colors are part of our subconscious experiences – it’s only when they’re poorly executed that you begin to appreciate their role.


*1.Tumblr 2.Facebook 3.Twitter 4.Instagram 5.LinkedIn 6.Snapchat 7.Vine 8.Google 9.Path 10.Pinterest