IntegrityID “Screens-In” People of Integrity and Honesty so Members are Safe and Trustworthy

By Kenna McHugh Comment

A major benefit of the internet is access to a vast pool of people; however, the identities of the people we deal with are pretty much unscreened. This can increase the odds of an individual being targeted by an unscrupulous person. The more active you are in the social media world, the more likely you can become a target of criminals.

The result can be embarrassment, personal pain, disappointment and even violence. Sensitive to the issue of personal safety, former Motorola executive and Seattle entrepreneur, Joseph A. O’Neill, founded IntegrityID to address this growing problem and to reduce the risk inherent in meeting new people, particularly online.

IntegrityID members have proactively met strict membership criteria. The members must pass a rigorous background screening process. They also must commitment to act with integrity and honesty, online and in person. The membership goes beyond the background screening process to address items such as honesty in reporting marital status, and members agree to allow additional background screens during their membership.

“IntegrityID is unique because rather than screening people out, as in typical background checking, we allow people of Integrity and honesty to screen themselves in—and our members have an easy way to distinguish themselves and show they are trustworthy and safe,” said IntegrityID CEO, Joe O’Neill.

The only problem I have with this program is that it’s not cheap. IntegrityID is debuting with a special introductory offer of a free six month membership (valued at $79) with a one-time application fee of $39.95. On the upside, anyone can verify a person’s IntegrityID membership at their site at absolutely no cost.

So, if you run a business online, you might want to register with IntegrityID, so you can refer potential clients to verify your honesty. As far as dating is concerned, that is more of a personal matter. You will have to decide if it’s worth it to register with IntegrityID.