Instagram Reaches 80 Million Users, 4 Billion Photos

By Devon Glenn 

Instagram has come a long way since Facebook acquired the photo effects and sharing app in April. In a blog post, the Instagram team boasted 80 million registered users who have collectively shared 4 billion photos.

“Since we launched Instagram in October 2010, we’ve expanded from one platform to two, bringing Instagram to Android users as well as iOS users,” they wrote. “As the community has grown, we’ve seen people sharing photos from all around the world, from South Korea to Bolivia, and even underwater! We’re humbled by the amazing photos from people’s lives we see every day on Instagram, and thank you for being part of this growing community.”

Instagram’s iOS app was so popular that when the Android version finally hit the market, it got one million downloads overnight. When Facebook purchased the company later that week for $1 billion,the downloads continued to surge, hitting 5 million on the Android in 6 days.

Instagram had 50 million users overall when Facebook bought it. In less than a month, that number had grown to 80 million users.

In a quarterly earnings call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he planned to deliver more ads to the social network’s own 543 million mobile monthly average users. Sponsored stories, which show the users brands that their friends have liked, generate $1 million per day, he said, and around half of that figure comes from mobile. Added Zuckerberg:

Mobile is a huge opportunity for Facebook. Our goal is to connect everyone in the world and, over the next five years, we expect 4 billion or 5 billion people to have smartphones. That’s more than twice as many people that have computers today. Building great services for these devices is essential for us to help people connect. We also think that people are inherently social and having a device that’s with you wherever you are creates more opportunities for sharing and connecting.

Our sponsored stories, which we launched in mobile news feeds earlier this year, have grown quickly and demonstrated early success.

With 80 million registered users, Instagram might be part of that plan.