Instagram Makes Landfall as Major Social News Player in Its Own Right

By Cameron Scott 

instagram, hurricane sandyYou may be saturated from the downpour of Hurricane Sandy stories, and especially those second degree stories about Internet users Facebooking, Tweeting, YouTubing and Netflixing about and during the storm.

But consider for a moment a quiet little blog post from Instagram about the storm. In it, Instagram highlights compelling user photos of the storm. It then coyly points to other collections of powerful photographs — one of them on CNN.

It appears to be first major news story that CNN has covered by way of Instagram. If the Tehran Square was the Twitter revolution, this was the Instagram Hurricane.

“I think this demonstrates how Instagram is quickly becoming a useful tool to see the world as it happens – especially for important world events like this,” said Kevin Systrom, co-founder and CEO of Instagram.

Yesterday morning, 10 photos per second were being uploaded with the hashtag #sandy, according to Facebook.

The visual nature of the story makes a strong case for Instagram being at least as useful as Twitter in some cases. The only edge Twitter has is that Instagram users tend not to post substantive commentary with their photos.

Photo via Instagram user its_cp