Instagram for iPhone Factoids: Photos, Notifications, Downloads & More

By Todd Ogasawara Comment

So how many people could possibly be interested in an iPhone app that has some nice photo filters and lets you easily share photos with other iPhone users? A lot according to this item in TechCrunch.

At 5 Million Users, It’s Hard Not To View Instagram Through A Rose-Colored Filter

Here’s a couple of other interesting Instagram factoids thrown around.

– It is nearing 100 million uploaded photos (and you thought you had a lot of photos!)
– Roughly 860,000 photos are added each day
– It sends out more than 10 million push notifications every day
– 2,500 unique apps using their API (Application Programming Interface)
– Webstagram (web viewer) and Flipboard users access Instagram’s API the most
– Instagram has four employees

Instagram is a free app found in the iTunes App Store: