Instagram Boasts 90 Million Monthly Users

By Cameron Scott 

Instagram published new user numbers today, boasting 90 million monthly active users and 40 million photos shared per day.

The numbers put the photo-sharing service in the same ballpark as Twitter, which claims 140 million monthly active users, or MAUs.

But they don’t reveal Instagram’s rate of growth or whether it lost users after its terms of service flap last month.

Analytics from App Data were widely misinterpreted to suggest that users had fled Instagram after the service proposed changes to its privacy policy. But because the numbers reflect daily usage, they shouldn’t be taken to reflect longer trends.

Instagram’s headcount today is the first time the company has released MAUs, so no trends can be deduced from its numbers, either. It has previously released total registered users, some of whose accounts may be largely inactive. The company said in July that it had 80 million registered users.

Instagram’s claims of a record-breaking day on Thanksgiving also relied on different benchmarks than the numbers it released today.