INFOGRAPHIC: What Drives Engagement To Auto-Industry Pages On Facebook?

By David Cohen 

CarsWhen it comes to like totals for the auto industry, pages for entire brands top the list, with No. 1 Audi at well over 7.4 million. But when it comes to engagement (likes, comments, and shares), nine of the top 10 pages are devoted to individual models, according to a new study by social benchmarking platform Unmetric.

Unmetric found that the Volkswagen Eos page had the highest engagement score, and Volkswagen models accounted for six of the top 10 pages.

However, Unmetric crowned the page for the Chevrolet Camaro as the overall winner, due to its high engagement score of 403 (the Eos scored a 454), and its massive like total of more than 3.4 million.

Unmetric highlighted the following specific posts:

  • A photo on the Eos page asking about car colors.
  • A photo on the Camaro page contrasting old school and new school.
  • A post on the Tesla Motors page saying that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, its Model S achieved the best safety rating of any car ever tested.

Readers: Do you interact with pages on Facebook for automakers or specific models?


Cars image courtesy of Shutterstock.