Infographic: The Top 100 Most Influential Pinners

By Devon Glenn 

Pinterest’s target demographic is not the target of this map of the most influential people on Pinterest in 2012. What’s surprising about the top pinners is not who they are, but where they live.

A recent demographic study by the Pew Center on Internet and American Life showed that Pinterest attracts more suburban and rural users than city dwellers, which makes it all the more puzzling that the most influential pinners are located in urban areas like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“This is largely a matter of trendsetters vs. trend-followers,” explained Kyla Brennan, founder and CEO of  HelloSociety.  “It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that while the majority of pinners may reside in Middle America, the most influential ones live in the cities where trends are set. Pinterest is a place for discovery, and it would be hard to discover lots of exciting new things if you’re only following people just like yourself who live similar lifestyles in similar places.”

Influential users are people who have a high number of followers and whose pictures, called pins, are frequently shared, “liked,” and commented on by other members on the site.

See the details in this infographic made by HelloSociety, a campaign and analytics agency in Santa Monica, CA.