Infographic: The Social Profiles of Inc. 500 CEOs vs. Fortune 500 CEOs

By Devon Glenn 

This infographic explores the social lives of nationally ranked businesses’ chief executives — and by social, we mean how willing they are to participate on social media sites.

It turns out that Inc. 500 leaders are the most social of the two groups: 79 percent of Inc. 500 CEOs have a social presence on at least one network, whereas only 30 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs have a social media presence at all.

Fortune magazine’s list of the top 500 companies in the U.S. ranks the businesses by revenue. Inc. magazine takes a broader approach with an annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., including startups. Why does this affect the companies’ approaches to social media?

“There are several potential reasons why Inc. 500 CEOs naturally gravitate to social channels—and why Fortune 500 CEOs do not. The most obvious is that Inc. 500 CEOs are younger and have a natural affinity for innovative tools that will help their companies grow faster and gain a competitive edge,” wrote editor-in-chief Mark Adams in the 2012 Social CEO Showdown Report. “The average age of Inc. 500 CEOs is 42, compared to approximately 55 for CEOs in the Fortune 500.”

See how these executives have fared this year on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Klout in the infographic below.