[Infographic] The New York Times Gets More Mentions Online Than Mashable


By Tim Sohn 

Old media versus new media

Who receives more mentions online? Traditional media outlets such as The New York Times or new media sites like Mashable? Traditional wins.

Digimind, a creator of social media monitoring software, created an infographic to visualize this research it conducted.

“While our love for social platforms may be strong, we still rely heavily on media stalwarts, and the numbers back this up,” reads a blog post from the company.

The infographic reveals that “old media,” which includes The New York Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, make up 72 percent of share of voice in total, while The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and Mashable make up only 28 percent.

Digimind also compares how often old media is mentioned on Twitter as compared to new media, and key concepts focused on in The New York Times and on BuzzFeed when it comes to the government shutdown.

And now the infographic …

Old media versus new media

Readers, do you read The New York Times or BuzzFeed more often?