INFOGRAPHIC: How Would You Describe A Facebook Power User?

By Julie D. Andrews 

Think of them as the active class among Facebook users, the movers-and-shakers of the Facebook world — those most likely to comment, to keep enlarging their networks by routinely sending friend requests, to like things, and to (listen up) influence their friends. And 11 percent of them are regularly added into Facebook groups.

What they mean to business is this: This super class of Facebook users, referred to as power users, has “the potential to drive traffic to your business,” reads the infographic below created by Demandforce, in collaboration with Column Five, and reported by Mashable.

As such, they should be seen as “development partners” (or what one may refer to as eager free labor).

This group constitutes up to 30 percent of all Facebook users, according to the infographic, which is based on data from Pew Research, Marketing England, Consumer Reports, and

According to the findings, power users are 57 percent more likely to influence someone they know, and 2.5 times more likely to attend political rallies and meetings. Overall, they’re simply more active on the social network. Of all Facebook users, 16 percent made friend requests at least one time per week (the power users), compared with 63 percent who just receive friend requests (this is the average user).

In general, female power users were found to post an average of 21 status updates per month, compared with male power users, who averaged six.

Suggestions of how to reward such power players included giving them exclusive previews of the latest information, offering to let them toy with new products in beta mode, and creating special contests geared to capture their energies (such as photo contests for super-active photo taggers).