Infographic: Which Political Party Is Dominating Social Media In 2012?

By Megan O'Neill 

Back in 2008, Obama revolutionized political campaigning by building a massive, loyal following on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Obama’s social media prowess was a major factor in his 2008 win, but is he still ahead of the curve in the social media game in 2012?  A new infographic from Viralheat takes a look at which party runs social now.

The Viralheat infographic takes a look at which party, Democrats or Republicans, runs social in terms of the share of voice and sentiment, as well as explores how the different candidates are doing on different social networks—Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Clearly, there is not as much of a gap between Democrats and Republicans on social media as there was four years ago.  In fact, according to the infogaphic, Republicans actually dominate in the “Share of Voice” category, accounting for 51.26% of mentions on the web to the Democrats 48.74%.  Obama racks up a slightly larger percentage of mentions than Romney, but Paul Ryan trumps Joe Biden in mentions at 74.89% to Biden’s 25.11%.  Of course, this big gap is likely a product of the fact that Romney only recently announced Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Obama still looks to be dominating the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (and though it’s not mentioned in the infographic, after last night he’s dominating the conversation on Reddit too!).

Check out the full infographic below and let us know what you think.  Are you surprised by these statistics?

Which Political Party Runs Social Now?

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