INFOGRAPHIC: Men Are Cheap (When It Comes To Facebook Ads, Anyway)

By David Cohen 

Digital marketing firms Resolution Media and Kenshoo analyzed nearly 65 billion Facebook ad impressions and 20 million Facebook ad clicks during a 12-month period to come to this conclusion: Men are cheap.

Resolution Media and Kenshoo sought to explore gender differences in ad campaigns on the social network in order to offer guidance to advertisers. Here are some of the highlights of their findings:

  • Women outnumber men on the social network, 58 percent to 42 percent.
  • However, marketers spend more money targeting men, 53 percent to 47 percent.
  • Men are exposed to and click on more Facebook ads — 58 percent to 42 percent, and 60 percent to 40 percent, respectively.
  • On average, ads targeting men cost less in terms of cost per thousand impressions ($0.16 male versus $0.20 female) and cost per click ($0.51 versus $0.68),
  • Ads targeting men achieved superior exposure rates, reaching a larger percentage of their unique audiences.

Resolution Media President Alan Osetek said:

Women represent the majority of Facebook users, but it’s cheaper to advertise to men. While this may seem counterintuitive given the laws of supply and demand in an auction marketplace, our advertisers capitalized on this trend and spent 53 percent of Facebook advertising budgets reaching men. As it turned out, ads targeting men performed better and, thus, warranted the increased investment. Men delivered better exposure rates and click-through rates than women, increasing their value for marketers.

Kenshoo Social General Manager Sivan Metzger added:

As social media continues to increase in popularity, it’s critical for brands to understand who represents their best consumers and how to best reach them with effective ads. Gender is just one of the many rich targeting options available to Facebook advertisers, and leveraging Kenshoo Social’s advanced technology helps marketers identify the right audience segments and create highly engaging campaigns at scale.

Readers: Are you surprised by any of the results of the study by Resolution Media and Kenshoo?