INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Advertising Key Performance Indicators Positive In 3Q Vs. 2Q

By David Cohen 

KenshooSocialLogo650Global social marketing platform Kenshoo Social compared the performance of its Facebook advertising clients in the third quarter of 2013 with the second quarter, encompassing more than 85 billion ad impressions, and it found improvement across the board.

According to Kenshoo Social:

  • Ad impressions rose 13 percent.
  • Click volume was up 14.4 percent.
  • Cost per click fell 9 percent.
  • Conversion rate was up by 2.36 times.
  • Conversion volume was up by 2.85 times.
  • Revenue rose by 2.16 times.
  • Revenue per click rose by 1.76 times.
  • Return on investment was up by 3.04 times.

The Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer discussed its findings in a blog post:

There are several dynamics at play that influenced the positive performance trends for Facebook ad campaigns in the third quarter. First, Facebook has continued to simplify and improve its advertising products, delivering more high-performing News Feed inventory, as well as deeper audience targeting capabilities and larger, more engaging image formats. All of these improvements are enabling marketers to more effectively reach new prospects and existing customers with more impactful and relevant messages at all stages of the customer journey.

Second, Facebook users continue to demonstrate their willingness to engage with brand and product advertising across all devices and to interact with brands both on and off of Facebook. Moreover, consumers are increasingly taking action and making purchases as a result of the more engaging and relevant ads they experience on the social network.

Next, advertisers are becoming increasingly experienced with Facebook advertising and are implementing sophisticated and highly effective strategies to drive their direct response goals. Brands are promoting their most relevant products, customizing ads, and tracking each touch point in the customer journey across paid, owned, and earned social media as well as across media channels, including search and social.

Readers: Do you think Facebook advertising can sustain its momentum?