Infographic: How Social Media Users Rang in the New Year

By Devon Glenn 

Where were you on New Year’s Eve: Facebook or Twitter? Celebrations were a popular topic that night, according to analysts at Viralheat. When the clock struck midnight, there were 25,855 mentions of fireworks alone.

This visualization of New Year’s Eve trends combines statistics from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, video, blogs, and the real-time web.

In it, you’ll find the most popular words or phrases on the West Coast versus the East Coast, the total number of mentions for “fireworks” in the hours leading up to and after midnight, the most commonly used celebration words, and the most mentioned New Year’s resolutions.

This year’s data provided a special challenge for the researchers: while many Americans resolved to save more money in 2013, others were talking about the proposed budget cuts and tax increases that the U.S. government would implement in the new year.

As a result, the term “budget” had two meanings.  Removing the word from the analysis dropped the idea of saving money from 54 percent of posts related to goals and resolutions for 2013 to less than 1 percent. Most people were more concerned about their health than their bank accounts.

Was it truly a happy New Year? An analysis of user sentiment revealed that the glass was half empty for some, but half full for most…with champagne. There were more than 1.5 million mentions of the bubbly adult beverage— and 71 percent of those posts were positive.