INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook At 1 Billion

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook announced last week that it reached 1 billion users — roughly one-seventh of the worldwide population — all of whom are sharing photos, posting stories, and making friends. There’s an incredible history recorded on Facebook, one that Mashable’s Chris Taylor quantified in a fascinating infographic.

Taylor did some research, finding out that since Facebook’s inception, there have been 219 billion photos uploaded, 17 billion location-tagged posts, and 140.3 billion total friendship connections:

On average, then, we have 140.3 friendships each. That’s pretty cool in itself, because it’s very close to Dunbar’s Number (148) — roughly the number of simultaneous friendships we can hold in our brain, a number that keeps cropping up again and again in human organizations (familiar to anyone who read Malcolm Gladwell’s seminal The Tipping Point).

What does that mean? That Facebook is for real. That “active users” really are active when it comes to bringing friends online. The network has matured into a thriving marketplace of friends, one where we self-organize into the same kind of tribal groups etched into our evolutionary history.

Here’s the infographic, with other amazing facts about Facebook at 1 billion:

Readers: Which statistic did you find most interesting?