What Would You Tell Yourself In 25 Years? Submit A Video To The Collaborative Time Capsule

By Megan O'Neill Comment

How old will you be twenty-five years from now? What do you think you’ll be doing? Where will you be living? What goals will you have accomplished? What would you say to your future self? ‘In 25 Years’ is giving you the opportunity to send a video message to yourself twenty-five years down the road. It will be buried away in a time capsule for twenty-five years and in 2035 there will be a massive screening where an older, more mature and life-experienced you will be able to see what the you of today had to say.

Everyone is invited to submit videos for the ‘In 25 Years’ time capsule. The project curators have recorded hundreds of video messages in person, but they have also opened up the submissions to YouTube and Vimeo. You can submit your video link on the project website and it will be included in the capsule and future you will be invited to the screening party twenty-five years from now.

I had the opportunity to ask one of the project curators, Pearl Wible, a few questions about the project. Watch the ‘In 25 Years’ trailer and then check out what Pearl had to say below.

Megan at Social Times: What was the inspiration behind the project?

Pearl Wible: Our time capsule started as a small project with friends. I’m fascinated by how quickly things change and how easily we adapt to fluctuating surroundings while keeping our “self” intact. I wanted to capture my friends “here” and “now,” for examination in the distant future, when things will be different in ways we can’t even imagine. The idea was simple: record a message to yourself in 25 years, go live life, then come to a screening party in 2035 where we dig up these videos and time travel together. The idea for the bigger project came when we put it online. We made a website and within 24 hours of it being up, we had people in 60 different countries signed up to do it!! We realized this fascination with self-preservation was pretty universal and we had something big and exciting on our hands.

Megan: How are you putting everything together in the time capsule?

Pearl: By the time we bury the capsule, we will have recorded several hundred messages in person. We are also getting submissions from people all over the globe, submitted via YouTube. We’ll be downloading all the videos and will put them into the capsule in two forms: as Quicktime files on a harddrive, and burned onto DVD, buried with a DVD player. We will compile the highlights into an edited piece, which will air at our burial party. And over the next 25 years we’ll figure out the best way to showcase the videos at our 2035 screening party.

Megan: For people who are submitting via YouTube or other online video sites, are you suggesting that they delete their video? If it’s online they can watch it as many time as they’d like in the next 25 years so it won’t be as fun, eh?

Pearl: Ideally folks would delete their video on January 1, 2011. That said, our main focus is simply on getting people to submit their video. If they delete, great! If it stays online, it will soon get buried and forgotten as all content on the internet eventually does. We even have bets going on whether YouTube, Vimeo, etc will even exist in 25 years!

Anyone who is interested in joining the time capsule is enthusiastically encouraged to send in a video! Don’t be scared – it’s fun! And there’s no need for it to be super serious. Even a simple “Hello future me!” will be fun and interesting to watch 25 years from now. Plus, by sending in a video you’re invited to our burial party now and our screening party in 2035!!

Not sure what to say to your future self? There are some examples of videos to the future on the ‘In 25 Years’ YouTube channel that you can watch for inspiration. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to say to myself in twenty-five years, but I definitely want to take part in this awesome project. Do you think you’ll submit a video message to your future self?