imgTumble: Tumblr Photo Browser for iPad

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Just released on the market is imgTumble 1.0 for iPad. imgTumble is a photo browsing app for the popular site Tumblr. The iPad version of imgTumble has a insightful 3-column interface that bestows scrollable lists of photos. “Enjoy browsing Tumblr in an immersive layout where photos take focus and are always under your fingertips.”

Shortly after being introduced to iPad users, popular app review site AppAdvice elected imgTumble for iPad as one of the best new iOS apps in their AppFresh Daily post, mentioning its “fantastic minimal user-interface”.

imgTumble for iPad allows users to load any blog they decide to view while filtering only to show you photo posts. The app makes it simple to save files, like and reblog photos that catch users desire to see and even view animated GIFs. Users can quickly post photos to Tumblr from their iPad library or camera, and has the ability to lock the screen for privacy.

I am sure iPad users who love Tumblr will grab the opportunity to have fun, moving images that are constantly being posted to Tumblr. According to developer Brent Chionh, imgTumble for iPad was written with this in mind.

Here are some of the feature highlights:

* Quick double-tap menu for fast Liking and Reblogging
* Reblog – with options for sending to a sub-blog, queue, and twitter
* Post photos to Tumblr from your camera or photo library
* 4 digit Lock screen option for app privacy
* Easy to use, 3-column scroll and swipe interface with uncropped image previews
* Quick access to your Dashboard and Likes
* Easy loading of blogs – simply enter the name to load its photo posts
* Seen-history for quick tumblelog revisiting
* Like and Unlike posts
* Save photos to device photo library
* Animated gif support
* App stats

The device requires a compatible iPad with iOS 4.2 or later and 1.1 MB.