iLike And Many Other Apps Get Punished With Profile Tab Removal

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Negative Growth IconThe removal of custom profile boxes and profile tabs for applications has been painful for many developers, including iLike who has seen their daily active user base drop from over 430,000 to under 100,000, a more than 75 percent decrease.

While many developers were aware that the change was impending, it wasn’t clear publicly what this would result in. It’s now clear that many developers have been significantly damaged by the overall experience. Slide, for example, has lost more than 90 percent of its daily active user base from the Top Friends application, dropping from 178,000 daily users to a little over 15,000. TripAdvisor has watched its “Cities I’ve Visited” application drop substantially, losing more than 65 percent of its daily active user base, although it now appears to be growing back slowly.

Plenty of other applications have been hit hard as the entire experience revolved around profile interactions which users implemented as a way to express themselves. Many applications have watched hundreds of thousands of daily users disappear from their applications. While the value of those tabs were questionable from an impressions stand point, clearly some form of interaction took place on a daily basis, and overnight a huge part of the Facebook Platform has been killed.

One developer posted in the developer forum that he had seen a 39 percent drop in traffic however aside from that things have been silent. Any top developer that had a huge profile tab presence saw this coming, however the application statistics are now finally beginning to illustrate the developer carnage. With every Platform change that Facebook has made over the years, many have lost huge portions of their business, and only a few have managed to recover with each subsequent change.

In the world of the Facebook Platform, this isn’t new. Instead this post will serve as a memory for the fallen apps: you will be remembered.